Construction Documents & Permitting Phase

  • Generate Construction Documents and Specifications
  • Project Coordination with MEP and Structural Engineers
  • Project coordination with Utility Companies
  • LL/Client coordination to insure lease compliance
  • Preparation of Building Dept. applications
  • Obtain Building Permits

Initial phase

  • Building structure and Building systems assessment
  • Zoning analysis
  • Building Code analysis
  • Project schedule and Timeline
  • Document existing field conditions—Floor Plans, Elevations & Photos
  • Development of scope of work
  • LL/Client coordination


At Neves Architecture and Design, LLC, we provide a wide range of services for the different phases of a project. The following is an example of
these services which can be modified in order to accommodate your company’s needs.

Neves Architecture Services


  • Building Department expediting services
  • Project self certification on most projects
  • Tax abatement services

Construction Phase and DOB close‐out

  • Pre‐bid construction meeting with bidders
  • Construction Administration (if required)
  • Final project punch list
  • Letter of completion and DOB Sign Off / Certificate of Occupancy